Cyclical Everything
Location: LIRR Station, Elmont
Year: 2022

My first permanent installation at the Elmont LIRR station in Long Island, New York commissioned by the MTA. This body of work represents the culmination of two years of research and development, exploring the themes of transformation, self-awareness, and collective consciousness.

The 10 glass artworks depict figures in various states of motion, reflecting the dynamic and ever-changing nature of reality. These figures are grounded in their own self-awareness and are transformed by the environment of wavering shapes and patterns, which symbolize the shifting world and the collective experiences of humanity.

The metal portion of the installation features radiating rings, which represent change and growth, emanating from a central motif inspired by the historical Belmont track nearby the station.

This installation invites viewers to consider the ways in which their own experiences and perceptions are transformed by the world around them, and to reflect on the importance of being mindful and present in the moment. By engaging with these works, we can gain insight into the nature of transformation and the potential for personal and collective growth.