Ballantine's  Takeover
Location: Global
Year: 2022

As the 2022 artist for a limited Ballantine's edition, this collaboration celebrates the power of community and collaboration. Originally, I was asked to create artworks for several global markets, but I felt that it was important to respect the unique cultures and experiences of each place. Therefore, I proposed a framework in which I would provide a starting point for the artworks and then collaborate with local artists to allow their individual perspectives and experiences to shape the final pieces.

The resulting artworks are a testament to the power of trust and collaboration, and reflect the diversity and authenticity of the communities in which they were created. I believe that this approach can be a model for other projects that seek to engage with local cultures and perspectives in a respectful and authentic way.

Brazil Artists: Juline Lobao and Thiago Thipan
Canary Islands Artist: Lia Ateca